Hawaii Photo Club – Quarterly Events!
The club formally gathers once a quarter for a group event.  Events encompass different types of activities exclusively for club members.

March 2012, Studio 1-2-3 (event details in member’s section – coming soon!)
The Hawaii Photo Club will be visiting a photographic studio in downtown Honolulu!

Members will be introduced to all the technical parts of a working studio.  There will be a mock session where lighting setup and theory is explained.  Members will be able to observe photographer and subject interaction, and ask questions when the session is over.

Not only is this a great opportunity to see what happens behind the doors, but to get ideas for your own projects.

June 2012, Large Format Landscapes (event details in member’s section – coming soon!)
The Hawaii Photo Club will be on excursion with Large Format Landscape Photographer(s)!

Members will trek with large format film photographer(s) and witness how breath taking landscape images are envisioned, metered, and captured.  Vision will be covered in the first lecture.  Next photographer(s) will explain, and demonstrate the use of Ansel Adam’s Zone System for exposure calculation.  And finally, camera movements will be shown, and members given the opportunity to view and compose an image through the ground glass.  Members are encouraged to bring their cameras to take their own pictures as well.

September 2012, Night Photography (event details in member’s section – coming soon!)
The Hawaii Photo Club will learn to capture the light, at night!

Members will have the chance to hear a lecture on capturing ambient light with a camera, at night.  The focus of the presentation will cover different techniques and camera settings for making an exposure when ambient light is low.  Most of the techniques will revolve around long exposures to gather light.  A short Q&A/discussion will follow.

The group will then venture into the night to experiment, and is encouraged to try some of the techniques discussed prior.  The application part of the event will occur in a specific location where members will be able to interact, while still having a variety of subjects to choose from. The format for this event was specifically chosen so that members are not wandering aimlessly, apart from each other, in the dark.

December 2012, TBA
This event will be decided by the club membership.